YM Tunku Arishah Tunku Maamor

For YM Tunku Arishah Tunku Maamor, a health conscious and successful business woman, Ashitaba tea brings her and her whole family health and happiness.

She shares her experience about her love for tea and the discovery of Ashitaba tea:

I am a tea lover and I drink all types of tea especially green tea!

I prefer to drink tea because of its health benefits especially as it helps with digestions and assists in flushing out oily food consumed during lunch or dinner. I have many functions to attend daily and drinking tea helps boost my health in many ways.

Firstly, I must say I am not a tea expert so I bought all types of tea at the beginning, including processed teas and different brands of Chinese tea. But I was always on the lookout for tea that has no colouring, preservatives, additives or artificial flavouring and is easy to make. I like wholesome natural organic tea with super anti-oxidants, which tastes refreshingly nice, not pungent and that makes me feel refreshed quickly.

I also love teas that have medicinal properties and that can boost my health with benefits such as protection against tooth decay and increasing bone strength. I came across an article in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition stating that they found ‘clear evidence’ showing that drinking 3-4 cups of tea/day can reduce the chances of having a heart attack!

I used to go to the supermarket to buy all kinds of teas as long as they are good for overall health. Being a little adventurous, I would normally buy a few different brands to taste the differences. But now, I drink only Ashitaba Tea because it contains numerous vitamins and minerals, and most importantly 2 types of chalcones which is good for prevention of many types of diseases.

I discovered Ashitaba through a good friend of mine and she was so excited to share Ashitaba tea with me and my family. As a matter of fact, I usually put 3-5 sachets of Ashitaba tea in a teapot for my family to drink throughout the day. Unlike other teas, Ashitaba tea bags can be reused for about 3-5 times and still maintain its natural taste and scent!

The best news is my friend keeps the used sachets in the fridge and once she has accumulated a bowl full, she will break open the sachets and either oven roast or roast them in a wok, and then uses them to garnish her dishes! There is completely no wastage because the natural tea leaves are still intact in the sachets! That’s what friends are for - to share and exchange ideas! Now I am so excited to share about Ashitaba tea with everyone as well.

Yes! Definitely. If you love consuming water like me, then drinking Ashitaba tea will introduce more water to our body, thus the notion of tea being dehydrating is not true! Tea is as good, if not better than water for replenishing fluids in our body. Tea replaces fluids and contains anti-oxidants, so it has got two things going for it! The anti-oxidants in tea can help keep your cells remain healthy and ward off diseases, so I may say TEA IS THE NEW WATER!

Other Life Changing Testimonials

My Life Changer

My blood pressure was quite high at 140+, and was at a risk of being prescribed medication by my doctor. My daughter gave me her bottle of this supplement as it's known to lower blood pressure of other people. I took 1 teaspoon daily and my BP actually dropped to 130+ after 2 weeks. I bought more bottles and I am still taking it. Now at my 3rd month, my latest reading for the past week has been 120+. Very happy that I don't need to consider medication now.

Olivia (age mid 60s)

Regulate Blood Pressure

I was introduced to Ashitaba when my blood pressure went very high 180/100 due to work stress. As I was still rather young, the doctors did not want to start me on medication as that will be ‘for life’. I decided to give Ashitaba liquid a try as I have heard good reviews about it – it has also been proven to lower blood pressure. After several bottles, I have seen my blood pressure normalize at 130/80 and I also had more energy! Happy to have found this life saving liquid so that my BP is normalized. Doctors have also cleared me and asked me what I did!

Charissa Kok

Helps Lower Cholesterol

I started on Ace Ashitaba tea as my regime since April. My cholesterol has improved. I hope to increase to 2 sachets a day and reduce my cholesterol further. Ace Ashitaba tea tastes pleasant and easy to drink and I can drink as often as I like cold or hot. No caffeine.

Kim Lai

Normalised Blood Pressure

I took 6 bottles of Ace Ashitaba liquid with a skeptical mindset for my high blood pressure. My blood pressure is normal now. I am very happy and amazed by the result. It is expensive but worth it. So I will continue to take Ashitaba liquid for overall health benefits.

Tim Goh

Stronger Heart

Had my 3rd vaccination, felt weak and had heart palpitations especially in the night. Heard about Ace Ashitaba tea and capsules. Has been on 6 bottles of capsules and 6 boxes of tea in 3 months. I feel normal now. Will continue to consume the tea and capsules.

Jeann Tan


Like drinking this tea when I am too full, helps with digestion!

Ng Jing Rui

Digestion and Gout

Best tea. Helps with digestion and helps with gout

Wei J.

Drink Tastes Good

Very good taste and highly recommended because of the benefits for our body.


Cholesterol Level

Have purchased this few times already, it helped to lower my cholesterol.


Poor sleep quality

I gave my husband a box to drink. His sleep improved after drinking for 5 days!


Digestive Issues

After drinking 2 cups in my evenings, I felt better rested after going to bed. I like the light taste of this drink and I find it also goes well with a sweet snack. If I drink more cups in the day, my body feels more cleansed. I make more trips to the bathroom and my stomach feels calm too on days when I take too much oily food. I recommend people with digestive issues to take this too.


Low Vitality And Energy Level

My husband and I are in our 60s and get tired easily. We were introduced to this liquid for restoration and build strength. The product did more than that for us, it enhanced our marriage and we are full of vitality.

Irene Ng

High Blood Pressure

I was in a state of shock and fear welled up within me when I saw my blood pressure reading shot up to a dangerous level at a recent health check-up. This happened even with consistent effort of staying on a plant based diet and regular exercise. But, I was determined not to be on medication and it was during this search that I was introduced to this miraculous yellow liquid called Ashitaba. In just 20 days of consumption, not only did my bp dropped to normal level, I started losing weight. I also realised that the puffiness on my cheeks is reduced and my tired eyes are looking rested. Thanks to Ashitaba, at 63 I have shed some years and feeling great.


Severe Gout

The Ace Liquid is potent! It rejuvenated and reactivated his sexual health. My hub was consuming it for severe gout issue. It cured his gout issue and also rejuvenated his entire well being as well. It is now a ‘Must Have’ health supplement for my family.

Tracy Lee

Irregular Sleep Patterns

I quite enjoy the taste of this Ace Ashitaba Liquid. Taking this improved my sleep and my sleep cycle has gotten more stabilised.

Charmaine, Singapore

Bad Sleep Quality

My mother is 74 years old. She always complained about being unable to sleep. She only sleeps a few hours and even when she sleeps, she felt unrested. I chanced upon Ace Ashitaba online and wanted my mother to try. She has strong resistance in the beginning because she does not like tea and complains that it will keep her more awake and sleepless. After drinking for a week, she noticed her sleep is uninterrupted, she is able to sleep through, has longer sleep and is rested. I am glad to have found the solution for her good sleep.

Neer, Singapore

Dry Eye And Breathlessness

My left eye was always dry at night. After I started drinking Ace Ashitaba tea 8 days ago, I don’t have this problem anymore! I also noticed I no longer feel breathless now when I use the stairs. I have quality sleep and my overall well-being improved.

Jennifer, Singapore

Gout Pain And Discoloured Skin

I have severe gout issues for 8 years now. Even with steroids it has lost its effectiveness for my condition. Many a time I can't stand without feeling the excruciating pain. My wife heard a friend's testimony about her father's gout cured by consuming Ashitaba liquid. I was willing to try. In just 2 months my gout pain is lessened tremendously. My skin also improved. My toes used to be dark as if there's no blood flow but now the colour of my toes looks healthier like before! I sleep better now, feel more alert and energised! I'm grateful to have heard the story and I would like to share this story so others can benefit from it. Now, I can walk faster and spend quality time with my family!

Johnson Lim, age 58, Singapore

Poor Digestion

Nice tea. Good for digestion.


Poor Lactation

I started taking this drink for lactation purposes and it did help increase my milk production. Love the taste of the tea; light and refreshing. I use one sachet for the entire day in a 700ml bottle and the taste is still there, albeit lighter of course. Gonna make my 2nd purchase!


Insomnia, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol Level

I have insomnia for years. I took Ace Ashitaba Liquid to bring down my high blood pressure and high cholesterol issues. I realised that it corrected my sleeping disorder as well. I sleep like a log these days. Thanks to this amazing Ace Ashitaba Liquid!

Beatrice Goh, 50 years old

Eczema And Cracked Skin

I have been suffering from eczema since young and the conditions deteriorated in recent years. My skin gets thinner after using steroid both oral and cream but I continue relying on these medicines as there is no other alternative treatment. I have tried many products but with little results. I was introduced to Ace Ashitaba 2 weeks ago. After taking the liquid for nearly 12 days, it was amazing to see the difference. The frequency of flare up has reduced and even if it does, the rashes subsided more quickly and cracks get healed faster also! I was quite skeptical initially given my past experiences but this is phenomenal. I will definitely continue my consumption of the product!

Yoke Ying, Singapore

Constipation, Physiological Failure And Swollen Uterine Muscle

It was seven months ago when I began to take Ashitaba. I was suffering from severe constipation but none of the medication in the market worked. The pain was intense, but the greatest blow to me was when the hospital examination discovered that I had a swollen uterine muscle. My friend told me to try organic Ashitaba. He said would be beneficial for my symptoms. So I took them. To my surprise, my severe constipation disappeared and the swollen uterine muscle shrunk. My doctor was extremely puzzled over the improvement. Thereafter, I have never skipped a single dose.

Michelle Ng, age 45, Perak

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My severe constipation disappeared And the swollen uterine muscle shrunk after taking organic Ashitaba.

Michelle Ng, age 45, Perak

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Arrhythmia, Gastric Ulcer, Polypoid Tumour Of Large Intestine And Gynecopathy

Eight months ago, I was suffering from polypoid tumour of the large intestines, gastric ulcer, arrhythmia, and gynecopathy. I went to the gynaecology department in the hospital for gynecopathy treatment, but I relied entirely on organic Ashitaba powder for the other diseases. I read about the 100% components and quality of organic Ashitaba powder and their importance to health. Five months after taking the products, the polypoid tumour of the large intestines, which had grown after my large intestine surgery, was gone. So did my gastric ulcer and my pulse rate returned to normal. These were sheer incredible miracles!

Even my friends wouldn’t believe when I told them, so I proved it to them by having some X-rays taken, which was also done to commemorate the hard-to-win recovery of my stomach and intestines. Now my gastrointestinal troubles are a thing of the past. I borrowed my X-rays from my attending doctor and show them together with the nutrition facts of organic Ashitaba to the chairman of the hospital.

He was full of praise upon learning the facts and told me to continue taking it. He even started taking Ashitaba products! Previously, my arrhythmia had to be regulated with medications. As much as I disliked it – in fact, I found it disgusting – there was nothing I could do about it. Now I dispense my own medication because I am very confident with organic Ashitaba powder. I continue to take organic Ashitaba powder without fail.

Mrs. Wong, age 47, Melaka

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I experienced sheer miracles after consuming organic Ashitaba - the polypoid tumor of the large intestines, which had grown after my large intestine surgery, was gone.

Mrs. Wong, age 47, Melaka

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Constipation And Weakness After Surgery On Pancreatic Cancer

I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer as a result of last year’s lab testing. The surgery was successful but my condition remained weak, uncoordinated and I was emotionally depressed. When I went on a trip to drive away my worries, my best friend told me about organic Ashitaba, saying that given the plant’s benefits to health, it would surely improve my condition. So I tried a variety of organic Ashitaba products and to my joy, my condition had improved. I no longer suffer from constipation and my health is completely restored.

Anonymous, age 56, Penang

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I tried a variety of organic Ashitaba products after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and to my joy, my health condition improved. I no longer suffer from constipation and my health is completely restored.

Anonymous, age 56, Penang

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Liver Cancer, Gastric Ulcer And Constipation

I chanced upon Ashitaba seven years ago through a friend when my older sister was suffering from terminal liver cancer. The doctor gave her no more than twelve months to live. All of my friends and family were distraught by the news. One of our relatives then advised us to give organic Ashitaba a try, so we bought a variety of organic Ashitaba products (capsules, powder, liquid and tea).

After three months of consuming the products, my sister’s condition seemed to have changed for the better. Since then, she had been resolutely resisting her doctor’s medication. According to her, it was because the ‘medicine’ tasted dreadful and they came with numerous side effects (drug toxins). Our family was very worried, but a year passed and miraculously she did not die but continued to live six more years.

The autopsy revealed her cancer cells were wrapped up by a layer of yellowish green fats. The doctor, who had never seen anything like it, sampled some to study and subsequently published this finding.

Anonymous, age 45, Penang

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I chanced upon Ashitaba seven years ago through a friend when my older sister was suffering from terminal liver cancer. The doctor gave her no more than twelve months to live, but Ashitaba made all the difference.

Anonymous, age 45, Penang

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Climacteric Disturbance

My twenty-year life as a teacher had been ordinary. My health was average, until one spring. Every time I menstruated, my blood flow was nonstop and lasted for more than ten days. My gynaecologist told me it was due to climacteric disturbance, and had to be cleared by curettage which caused me immense pain. I was about to leave for Taiwan and I was worried because I did not know a single gynaecologist there and what would happen if I menstruated over there?

Fortunately, when I was in Taiwan, a friend of mine told me to try organic Ashitaba powder. Soon after I started taking organic Ashitaba, I became well-adjusted physiologically. Now my physical strength and resistance are very strong. Amazingly, my skin now has a glow and is much smoother. I looked healthier and all of my friends have complimented me on my youthful looks.

Ms. Tan Ming Yan, age 51, Hong Kong

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My skin now has a glow and is much smoother. I look healthier and all of my friends have complimented me on my youthful looks. Soon after I started taking organic Ashitaba, I became well-adjusted physiologically and have no more menstrual irregularities.

Ms. Tan Ming Yan, age 51, Hong Kong

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Hypertension, High Cholesterol And Liver Malfunction

I remembered having the opportunity to try out organic Ashitaba tea some time ago and it tasted good. I was told that the acidity in my blood was relatively high and I got easily tired. Even a mosquito bite would cause abnormal swelling on my skin. Having learnt that Ashitaba was rich in balanced nutrients and was able to strengthen both the antibodies and the immune system, I bought a few Ashitaba products to try out. I was perseverant enough to take organic Ashitaba three times a day.

After four months of consuming Ashitaba, I felt better physiologically. Even when I menstruated, I no longer felt soreness at my waist or experienced any abdominal pains. My skin was smoother and had a glow to it. Even the freckles seemed to have faded a little.

Half a year later, my blood test results showed that my SGOT and SGPT (high levels of SGOT and SGPT generally indicate liver damage or muscle disease) were 65. (Six months later, in which I had been taking organic Ashitaba for exactly one year) the SGOT and SGPT in my blood tests were close to the normal mark of 30.

Ms. Etasha, age 32, Negeri Sembilan

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After four months of consuming Ashitaba, I felt better physiologically. Even when I menstruated, I no longer felt soreness at my waist or experienced any abdominal pains. My skin was smoother and had a glow to it. Even the freckles seemed to have faded a little.

Ms. Etasha, age 32, Negeri Sembilan

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Hypertension, Arteriosclerosis And Impotence

Two years ago, I was often struck with headaches and dizziness until I could hardly walk. When I went to the hospital for a check-up, the doctor told me it was cerebral infarction and might take a turn for the worse at any time. It was because the blood vessels in my head had hardened and that restricted the blood flow. The doctor instructed me to go through immediate hospitalization formalities.

On the pretext of going home to make preparations, I visited a quiet hot spring for thermal therapy. When I felt slightly better, I returned to Takara Tsuka City. But no sooner after I had reached home, my heart began to cause me pain. I returned to the hot spring for more therapy, and there I poured out my health woes to the therapist. He told me about the days of the Edo Era when the people ate Ashitaba and had few diseases, and that I could try it.

So when I was still receiving thermal therapy at the hot spring, I bought and started taking Ashitaba immediately and continued taking it after returning to Takara Tsukaa City. Two months later, I have more vitality than ever.

Mr. Hiroharu Okuri, age 53, Takara Tsuka City, Hyogo prefecture

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Two months after taking Ashitaba, I have more vitality than ever. No more headaches, dizziness or pain in the heart area.

Mr. Hiroharu Okuri, age 53, Takara Tsuka City, Hyogo prefecture

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Abnormal Autoimmunity System And Rheumatism

Three years ago, I had frequent headaches and dizziness. Just a slight task or exercise and I would be gasping for air. Even taking a stroll up a slope would cause severe breathing difficulties and send my heart palpitating. All it took was half hour of walking and my heart would be beating 90 times a minute. The joints on my arms, legs as well as buttocks were also in pain from time to time. Even with all the EKG and coronary angiogram, my doctor still couldn’t see anything wrong. On the contrary, the results of my blood test analysis indicated that in my autoimmunity system the ANA (Antinuclear-antibody) value was as high as 1:640 (1:40 for normal people). The doctor said that was a rheumatic symptom.

Coincidentally, I met a senior who heard about organic Ashitaba during his stopover in Kuala Lumpur. Through him, I learned that organic Ashitaba can strengthen one’s immunity. From then on, besides drinking organic Ashitaba tea every day, I also took two capsules of organic Ashitaba three times a day after meals. After six months, the blood test indicated clearly that the ANA had dropped to 1:320. I continued to take the products every day for one year, and the figure dropped further to 1:80. By the end of the year, the test showed a 1:40 normal level. Both my husband and I were so pleased with the report. Another blood test was done early in the year and showed that my ANA had stabilized at the normal level.

For over six years, I have never stopped taking organic Ashitaba capsules and tea for a single day. Now I no longer ache. My skin has become fairer and smoother and glows with health. My eyes are no longer dry, nor do they require artificial tears any more.

Ms. Cindy Chen, age 53, Perak

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I overcame abnormalities in my autoimmune system and was healed from rheumatic symptoms with Ashitaba.

Ms. Cindy Chen, age 53, Perak

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